Pay It Forward (Server)


It’s been 1 year since I launched this platform and hopefully it helped all that were involved!

This is a totally free to use platform that will generate basic e-commerce sites for local restaurants and other service based businesses. This is provided solely to help during the world-wide closures due to Coronavirus / COVID-19.

In it’s most basic form, this will allow you to list all of your menu items (or your temporary take-out items) on a website URL which you can share with your customers. From there they can browse, add items to their cart, and complete an order. You’ll get an email notification that includes the items, and you can follow up with the customer to verify. I can potentially integrate your existing credit card processing or items can be paid for upon delivery, over the phone once you follow up, or I can integrate PayPal payment processing directly.

This is an experimental service that was rushed together in order to help our small business affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus / COVID-19. Due to mandated closings, and only being able to serve customers via take out I wanted to help restaurants bridge the gap of serving customers solely via Take Out, Curbside Pickup or Delivery. This may help!

If you’re interested in obtaining one of these free sites, please contact Aaron Elliott at